Business Start-up event in Rijeka

date: 21.10.2015

category: What's new

A panel discussion on the importance of reasearch infrastructure was held during the business start-up event in Rijeka, Croatia.


During the Business Start-up event in Rijeka, Mr. Tomi Ilijaš, founder of Yotta Advanced Computing, took part of a panel discussion "Research infrastructure - a step further".  Other panellists were: Zlatan Car, head of HPC competence centre of University of Rijeka, Sandra Kraljević Pavelić , Vanja Travaš (both from University of Rijeka) and Ms. Dorotea Pernjak from Jadran Galenski Laboratorij d.d.. The panel was moderated by Mr. Mislav Šimatović, editor in chief of Poslovni dnevnik (Business Journal).

The panelists agreed on importance of investing in research infrastructure. Through various EU programmes more than 10M EUR worth of research equipment has been assured for University of Rijeka recently. This will open venues for new knowledge and possibilities for cooperation between academia and industry. A number of panelists saw this as an important opportunity to revive the SME sector in regional economy. Yotta’s Mr. Ilijaš explained that infrastructure itself is only a part of the story: SMEs and other industrial subjects from various fields have a lot of specific knowledge from their vertical niches, but all of them need a strong expert know-how provided with research infrastructure in order to use it in an effective way. Mr. Ilijaš also commented that research infrastructure and related competences enable much wider reach to regional players, and open possibilities for R&D and industrial cooperation on EU and global scale.

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