SESAME Net - an opportunity for Croatian companies

date: 16.03.2017

category: What's new

As part of the SESAME Net project, funded by the European Commission where Yotta Advanced Computing is a Croatian partner, a network of supercomputing centres from across Europe has developed a free tool that enables companies to assess their potential to use supercomputers for solving problems.


In a few steps a company can determine, free of charge, whether it can benefit from use of supercomputer technologies (HPC or High Performance Computing); many companies are not aware of the potential opportunities. There is a common mis-conception among entrepreneurs that such technologies are reserved for large enterprises with extensive budgets for research and development coupled with a large number of scientific employees/collaborators. But the way of providing HPC services has evolved, including “Pay As You Go” models that enable small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to reap the benefits from relatively expensive HPC hardware and software in a cost effective manner.

Many worldwide and European companies from different sectors are successfully embracing HPC technology, demonstrated by examples where companies have gained competitive advantages and created innovative products/solutions via HPC. There are variety of areas, where HPC services can bring many benefits: ranging from foundries, manufacturers of plastic products, design studios to financial services companies. There are also European and national funding calls aimed to stimulate the use of HPC in SMEs, since there is evidence that such activities can yield high returns on investment, by a factor of at least 10.

For companies who want to find out more about their potential to adopt/use HPC technologies, a management representative should join the SESAME Net community and fill in a questionnaire. Based on the responses, the company will receive a valuable assessment report, positioning its readiness and potential to use HPC. The report will also provide feedback on the company’s strengths and weaknesses in terms of HPC adoption, together with recommendations how to improve the company’s potential. During and after the assessment process assistance is available from the SESAME Net partners to the company: in the form of a personal mentoring, on-line technical forum, training opportunities and consultancy services on current tenders for co-funding opportunities.

All this for FREE, for those who will take the assessment process by the end of March 2017!!

You can join the SESAME Net community and begin the assessment process here:

For any further questions, feel free to contact us at

Croatian version/hrvatska verzija: SESAMENetHPC4SMEAssessmentToolHR.pdf