Modern IT environments demand higher server capabilities with the highest possible availability and flexibility.

The increasing number of applications and web services demand 24/7/365 functioning. This requires an ever increasing number of servers that are more and more difficult to manage and control. The efficency of the hardware is lowered because of the fragmetation.

To avoid problems and gain funcionality that is unique to the virtual environment, take advantage of cloud computing. Succumb to automation and let us pave the way trough cloud computing to a care-free computing environment. Arctur offers exceptional service with wich you will be able to fullfill all of your plans of reorganizing your IT into the cloud. The service includes a wide array of possibilities form the hosring of a virtual server, to a private cloud or even a personalized cloud service. Do not accept compromises - choose our services that are at he highes level - for the most competitive prices in the region.